Kaelee Wilson is an experienced planner with expertise in municipal planning and public outreach.  Kaelee began her career as a community organizer for a Mesa community development nonprofit organization.  Since then, she has remained passionate about positively impacting her community through relationship-building and the thoughtful improvement of the built environment.

Prior to joining Berry Riddell, Kaelee worked at the City of Phoenix as a Village Planner for various areas of north Phoenix and served on the City of Phoenix Long Range Planning Team.  Before that, she worked for five years as a planner for the City of Mesa.  Kaelee is well-versed in the intricacies of planning and development, including rezoning, site planning, use permits, variances, design review, General Plan amendments, code and ordinance compliance, and application processes.

Kaelee is a boardmember and secretary of the West Mesa Community Development Corporation and a member of the American Planning Association.  She received a Bachelor of Science in Design – Housing and Community Development from Arizona State University in 2012.  Kaelee is also a talented artist and sells unique hand-painted coasters through her shop, Lace, Grace & Peonies.


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