Council OKs Senior Living Center Near Old Town

Scottsdale Progress

By J. Graber, Progress Staff Writer

A 247-unit senior living facility with 9,900 square feet of commercial space on 3.59 acres near the intersection of Scottsdale and Osborne roads will become a reality.

The Scottsdale City Council on Sept. 13 voted 7-0 to approve the project, known as The Osborne, which will reach 74 feet tall and will require 8 feet of bonus height,

The building height steps away from the west to east, accommodating the required building step-back requirements adjacent to the downtown boundary.

The building is broken into two masses with five stories on the west side of the property for assisted living, and six stories on the east for independent living. The two halves will be connected at the ground floor, with an open deck on the second floor.

The building will offer ground level and below ground-level parking accessible by a driveway on Osborne Road and a second on 71 Street. The facility will offer 338 parking spaces, while 279 is required by the city. The traffic is expected to be 45% less than what is expected by the zoning.

The project will also have a 12,000-square-foot paseo and the sidewalks around the building will have over hangs to provide shade.

The city planning commission and development review board both voted unanimously to approve the project.

Councilwoman Linda Milhaven moved to accept the project and Councilwoman Tammy Caputi seconded the motion.

Mayor David Ortega posed an amendment to have the project set back 32 feet from the curb, but no one seconded the motion.

The project’s neighbors are set back 32 feet and 39 feet and Ortega felt the project’s proposed setback of 20 feet would be jarring to pedestrians.

“There is a substantial loss of opportunity here by crowding a very important corner,” Ortega said. “This corner, if you look at it, is also where we suspend the banners that say, ‘Welcome to Old Town’ or ‘Rodeo Happening’ and so forth.

“So if you’re imagining a tall building or a corner of the building going vertical at that point, we have an interruption and a narrowing for no reason.