Real Estate Transactions

Real estate transactions are rarely routine. Berry Riddell is intimately familiar with the complexities of the law, government regulations, financing, insurance, inspections, zoning, appraisals, titles, liens, deeds, etc. and our experience with these aspects of real estate adds value to your real estate goal. Whether simple or incredibly intricate, Berry Riddell is poised to assist you through every aspect of your project.

Zoning and Land Use

Berry Riddell has the knowledge and experience necessary to navigate land use laws and procedures. Parcels of land are as unique as the owner’s dreams. You have plans and it will often take some sophisticated strategy to see them come to fruition.

That is where Berry Riddell can help. We have experience and an understanding of local zoning and land use laws, as well as a thorough comprehension of state and federal laws and regulations. We will guide you through the process, providing insight and strategy along the way. Our experience affords us the luxury of foresight: we’ve been here before.

Each community has its own language and its own process. We represent individuals and businesses before all types of boards, commissions and agencies throughout the Phoenix metropolitan area. We have developed a comprehensive understanding of Arizona land use and zoning laws. Contact us to learn how we put this knowledge to work for you.

Commercial Finance

Berry Riddell assists borrowers and financiers as needed for structuring, negotiating and documenting real and personal property secured commercial loans, loan modifications, restructurings and other action such as leveraged buyouts, asset based financing, acquisition financing, construction financing and recapitalizations. 

Our experience has resulted in an ability to handle complex financial arrangements that run the spectrum from straight-forward loans to more intricate and layered transactions. We excel in accomplishing transactions that do not fit the mold. We add creativity to the process. We remain focused on detail and analysis. And we have a proven ability to evaluate multiple faceted options. These attributes, coupled with a keen understanding of the end-goal, guarantee our clients peace-of-mind as we navigate the financing process together.

Administrative law

Administrative law is the body of law that governs the activities of administrative agencies of government. Government agency actions include rulemaking, adjudication, and the enforcement of regulations. This area also includes the relationships between agencies, other government bodies, and the public at large. We are effective and creative negotiators, achieving our clients' goals while pursuing a win-win outcome. Our attorneys appear before regulatory agencies on a routine basis. Our success rate is well-established due to our understanding of the minute details contained within relevant regulations.

Advocacy and Community Outreach

Spend five minutes with an attorney from Berry Riddell and the word relationship is likely to come up. We value our relationships and encourage collaboration.

Our deep roots in the Phoenix metropolitan area serve us well as we build support and inform the community about the details of a project. Even when there is disagreement, we go to great lengths to create win-win solutions. The goal is to build community support, but in the rare instances when that is not possible, we seek to mitigate opposition with integrity.

We use well-established as well as cutting-edge techniques for informing the public and constructive collaboration. If your project requires the support and goodwill of the surrounding neighborhood, you can be assured that Berry Riddell will represent you with honesty, efficacy and aplomb.


There are reasons why people use the term "the art of the deal." Effective negotiation takes sophisticated strategy, an ability to read one’s audience, and full knowledge of the multiple ins and outs of the process, contract, regulation or law. We add an additional item elemental to our success: creativity. Our experience and expansive network of relationships allow us to understand subtlety, hidden agendas, schedules, deals behind the deal, and the desired outcomes. Our attorneys are skilled at analysis, and possess the ability to adapt to changing information or events. We think strategically and act opportunistically.